Gifts for boys and girls ages 5-7

Selecting a gift for boys and girls ages 5-7 can be a stressful experience, but GiftHelp is here to help you with your search and make your gifting experience a fun one! You’ve been through those ages already, so at least you can get a good sense of what they enjoy. Remember the moments when you were super happy when opening a gift on your birthday? With some suggestions you will reflect on those joyous childhood memories and get your creativity flowing.

Start your search for boys and girls ages 5-7

gifthelp, boys and girls ages 5-7

Choose a gift that fits the kid’s taste.

Do you still remember what gifts you dreamed about when you were 5-7 years old? Try to think of several because some of them might be out of fashion nowadays. I bet you could find one that is still a dream gift. But first of all, think about their interests and tastes by asking yourself questions; for instance, does she like Barbie dolls? Board games? Does he like playing sports? Robot toys? Then choose something that fits the kids’ interests. Remember, kids mainly like to play and do something that they are interested in. They are not like adults; they will broadcast their sadness if they don’t like the gift and that can make everybody feel awkward. So consider their interests first.

It’s worth the time

gifthelp, boys and girls ages 5-7

Find a gift that stimulates their interest and helps them learn in a new way.

It takes time to find a great gift for boys and girls ages 5-7. Trust us, it’s worth putting in extra thought because there is nothing more valuable than a kid’s innocent smile and happiness! When shopping. put yourself in his or her shoes. Consider something that can help develop their interests in a new way. For example, if the kid likes board games, choose a board game that improves their vocabulary; if he or she likes playing car toys, get a radio-controlled car that lets them play and learn at the same time.

Be practical

gifthelp, boys and girls ages 5-7

Giving first graders school supplies is a wise idea.

Boys and girls ages 5-7 are new to elementary school and just beginning to learn academic things. Keeping that in mind, you can give them a picture dictionary, CDs, or books for first graders. The key is to be practical. Buying a lunch box, backpack, or school supplies like crayons, pens, and pencils is also a good idea. Having cute new school supplies will have the kids enjoy going to school and studying more, which makes their parents happy, too!

Ask their parents

Another wise thing to do is to ask the kids’ parents for hints as they will know their desires. Even if you already have an eye on a gift, make sure the kids don’t have it already or your effort is a waste. That’s why asking their parents is a good move. Collaborating on your special GiftHelp list avoids that problem.

In conclusion

Boys and girls ages 5-7 are easy to please, but it doesn’t mean you can choose a random gift and they will be happy to receive it. Put a little more thought in and you will be surprised by how excited and delighted they are. Remember your own personal experiences when you were about their age; that also helps.

Consider engaging with the GiftHelp community about your gifting experience. We hope to bring more interesting topics that can make gifting trouble-free and fun.


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